Bringing out the best

Bringing out the best

Volvo considers drivers a key factor in vehicle productivity and travel safety. It works extensively to train drivers for all kinds of driving conditions and instils responsible behaviour, helping them better their critical role in achieving operational efficiency. The drivers who are certified by the Volvo driver training center are designated 'Coach Captains’ and they become our ambassadors on the road. Basvanna Gowda, from Bengaluru, shares his journey of operating from the space of responsibility, safety and efficiency after attending the Volvo’s driver training program. This is a story of how Volvo has helped drive quality of life.

“My life changed for the better, the day I was selected for the Volvo driver training program.

In my previous journey as a bus driver, every day was very laborious. Driving a manual transmission bus in the crowded lanes of the city, especially during hot days was taking a toll on me, both physically and mentally. When I would get home, the stress would show itself in the way I behaved with my family. I used to be irritable and tired all the time.

My life and my relationships transformed after I became a Volvo driver. The automatic transmission makes driving the bus comfortable and easy. The air-conditioning helps me stay fresh and energetic through the day. My interactions with my family have improved as I go home in a much better state of mind.  My wife often tells me that I’ve changed - both on the outside and the inside. I ensure I look smart and stay much more even-tempered.

My training at the center was a revelation. It was like going back to school. We had assignments, assessments, theory, practicals and even homework. Our trainers educated us about technical and safety features onboard a Volvo Bus. It made me feel confident of my skills and aware of the finer points that make driving safer, than what I used to before. They taught me how to ensure my passengers’ comfort while driving and showed us how driving safely and skillfully could save fuel and reduce wear and tear so that frequent maintenance of the bus is not required. Before the course, I was haphazard and my appearance was sloppy. After spending five days at the training center, I started looking presentable and sharp. This reflected the pride in me, of becoming a Volvo Coach Captain.

Most importantly, I learnt discipline. We had to adhere to a fixed schedule. The training started at a specific time and we were expected to be ready in the classroom before it began. The cafeteria breaks were at fixed intervals and we were supposed to resume classes as soon as the break ended. After five days of such regular timings, I learnt the importance of scheduling my time and have practiced it ever since.

The trainers always emphasized core values of Volvo - environment, safety and quality. They made us understand that if we imbibed these values and practiced them, we could make a big difference in our lives as well as the others we influence everyday. Each time I think back, I can’t help but agree. Adopting these core values in my daily life has brought me success and happiness. I sincerely thank the Volvo trainers for this.

Becoming a Volvo bus driver has given me a big sense of pride. Other driver friends of mine look at me as a success story and hope that they will also be a Volvo driver one day. Such interactions instill a sense of responsibility in me and I see myself as a goodwill ambassador on the road. My proudest moment was when I took my six-year-old son to work and showed him the Volvo bus I drive. He was already in love with my white uniform; when he saw the bus, he immediately jumped on the driver’s seat and wanted to drive it. That felt amazing and motivated me to be the best at my job!




1. The Volvo Driver Training Center is located in Bangalore. It is a full-fledged center with a test track, which has been in use since 2001 and has trained over 1 00,000 bus and truck drivers. The only one of its kind in India, the school trains future Volvo drivers in basic and advanced driving skills. It takes things further by imparting to them practices that emphasize safety and better care of the vehicles in their charge.


2. The Driver training center helps consistently develop drivers in the areas of skill, sense of responsibility, motivation, fuel efficient driving, traffic safety, and to be a goodwill ambassador on the road.