Customer success stories


Believe in yourself and make it happen, is an adage that Mr. Kubendiran C of RKK Travels personifies. From starting a career as a trained Volvo Coach Captain, to owning a transport company is stuff that dreams are made of, and Mr. Kubendiran C is living his dream today.

Mr. Kubendiran C hails from a small town called Pernambut in Vellore District in Tamil Nadu. As children fantasize about being an engine driver, pilot or a policeman, young Kubendiran dreamed of being a bus driver. His career as a driver started back in 1976 with Lakshmi Saraswathi Transport.

Destiny  brought him to Bangalore in 1991. When transformation is bound to happen one meets the right people at the right time and so was the case with Mr. Kubendiran. He met Mr.Kesineni of Kesineni Travels who identified the leadership skills of Mr. Kubendiran.  He fondly remembers those early days and says  is always indebted to Mr.Kesineni for transforming his role in the omni bus segment, where he gained expertise in becoming a fleet owner.  It was during this time that he met Mr. A C Jayashankar, another passionate driver. There was this instant connect between two men who were enthusiastic about automobiles and technology. They shared the desire to drive a Volvo someday.

Getting to know the Volvo

Being an excellent driver, Mr. Kubendiran was always fascinated by superior technology. In 2002, Mr. Kubendiran joined Kallada Tours and Travels where he got an opportunity to explore all the ‘best driving practices’ which resulted in him saving 100 liter of diesel on a round trip from Bangalore – Ernakulam and back. While the organization he worked for was all praises, Mr. Kubendiran started to nurture a dream – start his own bus company with a fleet of Volvo buses. He realized that if one understood the true value of Volvo technology, one could get the best out of the investment. He strongly believes that Preventive Maintenance, Volvo Genuine Parts, world-class Service at the Volvo Service Centers and of course the best driving practices, all play an equal and important role in the long life of a Volvo.

Choice. Chance. Change

Mr. Kubendiran opted for the 3 C’s in life. He had made the Choice to give life to his dreams and he got a Chance to make it happen. But the Change from being an employee to an owner was not an easy one. Venturing into a competitive field with no backup for investments or operational support, was challenging. Funding was hard to come by. Finally, he found a way by investing in a pre-owned Volvo bus. He diligently selected a 2006 Volvo B7R, which had run only 1, 50,000 km. This is his first prized possession.

His expertise of the Volvo bus technology and his passion for perfection, helped in refurbishing the bus, to begin the journey of RKK Travels. He started his maiden venture by operating on the Chennai-Nagercoil route as well as tourist trips to Tirupati.

The hard work and determination paid-off when he managed to recover his primary investment in a span of 5 months. All the experience in his previous jobs as a good driver and a fleet manager came to him in good stead. He ensured he made decisions, while planning new investments and the growth of his company.

Steadily steering growth

With the growth of RKK Travels, Mr. Kubendiran needed a team that he could depend on and so he called upon Mr. Jayashankar to join him as a Volvo Driver Trainer.  From  humble beginnings with one pre-owned bus, RKK has come a long way in just 4 years. Today the company has a fleet of 11 Volvo buses, which includes 9 multi-axle and 2 single axle buses. The fleet is operated by 20 drivers, carefully selected and personally trained by Mr. Kubendiran.

Two years ago, Mr. Rajesh the elder son of Mr. Kubendiran joined the company to take responsibility of the growing business on popular routes as well as in the tourist segment, with hubs in Bangalore and Chennai. Their business motto is, “Listen to passengers, look after the buses as if they were your children, focus on preventive maintenance, ensure smiles on the faces of the passengers and the business will continue to grow”.

Moving ahead with the times

Mr. Uvaraj K, the younger son joined and brought in the advantages of the internet and GPS based technology to the company, to help passengers make their journey hassle-free.

The key to success of RKK Travels in the words of Mr. Kubendiran C is “Volvo buses are made to last. If you look after them well, you can get the best mileage, save diesel and a long service life. Go to the Volvo Service Centre and ensure your Volvo is always maintained as a true Volvo. I have changed the clutch after 11 lakh km and the water pump after 9.5 lakh km, voluntarily to avoid breakdowns. That is what I admire – the longevity of the Volvo and its parts and assembly”.

You respect Volvo and it will respect your business to give you the best return on investments”.

Drive to success

Volvo Buses are known for its comfort and reliability, giving a true first-class experience for passengers and drivers alike. A luxury coach that takes superior comfort and quality to the next level. In this case, the story of a Coach Captain transforming into a fleet owner is testimony that speaks volumes.