Ticket to Comfort

Ticket to Comfort

Travelers who take a Volvo on work across cities experience luxury, comfort and safety. This ensures that passengers like Deepti Ambroise, a content freelancer and trainer, are fresh at the end of their journey.

“I still remember my first Volvo Bus experience. On a day when the sun beat down, the air-conditioning was a godsend. The bus moved silently. The seating was comfortable and the aisle between the seats was wide enough to make movement easy. The anxiety I usually felt before a job interview was greatly reduced because the commute was so comfortable.”

“I moved to Bangalore in 2000, after growing up in different small towns across the country. After struggling with the realisation that I couldn’t walk everywhere, I started taking public buses. This is when I noticed Volvo buses on the street. They looked sleek, noiseless and were air-conditioned. When I had to go for a job interview all the way across town, I took a Volvo. A critical factor in my decision to take the job was the possibility of taking taking a Volvo to work, making my commute a breeze.”

Soon, my work required that I travel often between Bangalore and Manipal, in coastal Karnataka. I had no choice but to take a bus. The tickets were booked by my office and I went to the bus station, not knowing what to expect. What I found was a luxurious ride, on a Volvo. The bus was so comfortable that the next morning I could hit the ground running. I travelled overnight multiple times on the same route on work and each time I took a KSRTC Airavat Club Class Volvo multi-axle bus and I felt both comfortable and safe. The driver and conductor were professional and polite too.

I have noticed that thanks to the safety, quality and comfort of these state of the art buses, people who wouldn’t even consider taking a bus to work or for long-distance travel are now choosing Volvos, without a blink.”


1.      With features such as electronic suspension, kneeling mechanism, wide-access to facilitate quick entry/exit of people, the Volvo city bus imparts an assurance of comfort.

2.      Volvo coaches are designed and built for comfortable and safe long distance travel, ensuring you get a premium travel experience