Thought leaders stress upon stakeholders coming together to achieve sustainable mobility in Indian cities by 2020

Thought leaders stress upon stakeholders coming together to achieve sustainable mobility in Indian cities by 2020

Experts urge stakeholders to adopt a collaborative approach to address current concerns. Underline the importance of civil society’s involvement to ensure success of initiatives to achieve long lasting results.

Like every year, the seminar aimed at creating collaboration among all stakeholders and building a shared vision among them.  The topic of the seminar this year was "The Public & Public Transport – The Challenges Within”.

The seminar started with bringing a citizen perspective before moving onto a panel discussion including eminent members from the government authority, transport operator, industry and media. The whole session threw up some interesting insights and ideas on the next steps to improve public transport in cities in India.

The panel members included Shri. MK Shankarlinge Gowda, Principal Secretary (Transport), Govt. of Karnataka; Shri Gaurav Kumar Gupta, IAS, MD, KSRTC; Mr. Hakan Karlsson, President & CEO, Volvo Bus Corporation; Mr. S Chandrasekhar, Chairman, CII Karnataka; and Mr Edison Thomas, Editor, Bangalore Times.

The frame for the panel discussion was set by Sameer Shisodia, Citizen Representative; Hakan Karlsson along with Mikael Kullman, Counsellor for Environment, Climate Change & Energy – Embassy of Sweden.

Mr Hakan Karlsson said, “Sustainable mobility is the need of the hour. I have seen some good changes already happening in India, particularly in Bangalore. There is a clear focus what needs to be done to create a sustainable and environment friendly transport system. There is lot of work happening in this direction and I am confident that positive developments backed by strong policies will provide the required impetus.”

Mr Akash Passey, Managing Director & CEO, Volvo Buses in India, said, “The seminar this year had a very interesting and pertinent topic for discussion. The question is who must move first. The Public seeks that public transportation comes to their door step before they change their lifestyles, while the public transport operators feel that the public must co-operate in the overall change towards adopting public transport. This seminar has thrown up many a practical questions & answers that we must respond to.”