Terms & Conditions for Volvo Sustainable Mobility Awards

  1. The Volvo Sustainable Mobility Awards is offered by Volvo between May 2014 and November 2014 in India. By applying for this award the applicant agrees to and accepts all terms and conditions and the procedure set out by Volvo
  2. Organisations directly involved with manufacturing or operating public transport as part of their business are not eligible for the main award
  3. Employees of any of Volvo Group companies in India and their family members are not allowed to participate in this award. Volvo Group in India comprises:
    1. Volvo Buses India Pvt Ltd
    2. Volvo India Pvt Ltd
    3. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd
    4. Business associates of any of the above mentioned entities (dealers, suppliers, consultants)
  4. Any entries received after the deadline for last receipt, i.e., 20th September, 2014 will not be accepted
  5. A three stage process will be followed, comprising:
    1. Initial Screening of Applications – Applications will be screened to eliminate incomplete or wrongly filled ones, and a preliminary assessment of the entries will be done.
    2. Assessment & Jury shortlist – A special panel of experts will be constituted to review the shortlisted applications. Participants may be contacted for field visits/interviews upon review of their projects
    3. Award Function – An award function will be held during the Volvo Nobel Memorial Seminar where the winners will be announced by Volvo.
  6. Entries will be evaluated largely on the following parameters:
    1. Innovativeness of the idea
    2. Practical Implementation
    3. Level of Engagement with the Society
    4. Achievements – Existing/Potential Impact
  7. Projects submitted for evaluation should be authentic and should be an original work in terms of on ground work undertaken, implementation and results submitted for assessment
    1. It should not be a reproduction of work done by anyone
  8. If any instance of plagiarism or theft of Intellectual Property arises, Volvo can initiate action against the said individual/group/organisation
    1. Project reports which contain verbatim content directly accessed from public internet sites (Wikipedia, websites of companies/organisations/NGOs, etc.) will not be considered for assessment
    2. Images submitted along with the project reports should be taken by the participant
    3. Images sourced from the public internet sites (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, FourSquare, other social networking sites, websites of companies/organisations/NGOs, blogs, etc.) should have permission from the original owners along with a disclaimer for the same
  9. All selections and/or decisions made by Volvo in relation to this Award (including without limitation, the selection of winners) will be final and conclusive. No enquiries or complaints will be accepted or entertained. Winners will be announced at the award function, which will be held during the Volvo Nobel Memorial Seminar
  10. Volvo reserves the absolute right to, at its sole discretion, amend, vary and/or withdraw any of the terms and conditions of this Award without any prior notice and the same shall be binding on all applicants
  11. Volvo will not share the details of the projects with any third party without the consent of the individual/group/organisation
  12. Volvo will put the top entries assessed by the jury, basis the recommendations from the jury members, on its company website
  13. For the visits and interviews (if required), applicants called are requested to bring their proof of identification without which they will not be interviewed. As such any requirement for field visits/interviews will be solely based on the jury’s need to undertake such activities for further evaluation of any project
  14. Volvo reserves the right to disqualify any applicant if it has grounds to believe that the applicant has breached any of the rules or Terms & Conditions
  15. Volvo also reserves the right to cancel or postpone the awards activity itself without prior notice at any time before declaration of the results
  16. Nothing contained herein will be construed to constitute a contract between Volvo, any participant and/or participating organisations

Information about this Award program is correct at the time of publication, applicants can visit http://www.volvobuses.co.in for the most updated Terms & Conditions.

Interested participants can register here for the Volvo Sustainable Mobility Awards 2014.