Volvo Buses reaffirms leadership in Safety Technology

With the changing face of public transportation in India, road safety has been one of the primary concerns for the company. Each year the number of vehicles on the roads rise steeply, making road travel obviously less safe and more prone to mishaps. Keeping with the company’s focus on good preventative safety while addressing the rapidly changing customer demands, Volvo reinstated its commitment to ensure that its products maintain a high level of safety for drivers and passengers.


Volvo is proud to pronounce that all models from Volvo Buses come equipped with the latest safety features, both in terms of regulatory compliance as well as initiatives from Volvo. Volvo was the first company to start offering Bus Body Code features in its products before the norm came into effect in India. All buses are also fitted with ABS as a standard since 2005 – an initiative by Volvo that became a mandate for the entire commercial vehicle industry in 2015. India ranks among the top 10 countries in terms of fatalities in road accidents. With about half million accidents, which involve high percentage of commercial vehicles, the changes ushered in through these new regulations will help in curbing and reducing road accidents.


Cornerstones of Volvo Buses' work on safety:

Active (or Preventive) Safety to avoid accidents:
Vehicle stability and handling
- Electronic braking system
- Better visibility
- Operating comfort & ergonomics
- Driver training and information
- Wide angle mirrors

Passive (or Protective) Safety to reduce injuries:
- Fire protection & diesel tank
- Seat belts 
- Collapsible steering wheel
- Passenger door
- Roll over protection
- Front impact protection

“At Volvo Buses, while we continue to bring in new technologies and features, our focus on imparting the best training to drivers is primary. The on-road driver behaviour and driving practice can certainly prevent many mishaps. Volvo has trained over 26,000 bus drivers till date and this gives us confidence to focus on the entire concept of safety. Volvo implemented the Bus Body Code in 2015, an important landmark for the bus industry with a firm belief that the regulations will help in raising the benchmarks for safety and comfort, which will benefit scores of drivers and millions of passengers” VRV Sriprasad , Business Head for India & South Asia – Volvo Buses added.

Volvo Buses has the widest range of high-performance buses in India. The company has sold over 5,400 buses in India, besides catering the export markets in the SAARC region and South Africa. The intercity coach range consists of the Volvo 9100, Volvo 9400, Volvo 9400XL and Volvo 9400PX. The company also has the Volvo 8400 city bus, nearly 1,500 units of which are helping millions of people in 34 cities with their daily city commute requirements.

Volvo Buses is committed to driving quality of life for people by providing the latest concepts and technological solutions for ‘sustainable mobility’ – be it for city commute or intercity travel.

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