Presenting the Volvo B8R

Presenting the Volvo B8R

the safer choice

The Volvo B8R is a true bestseller and has proven itself over millions and millions of productive kilometres. Offering several configurations, power ratings and transmissions, it can become just the bus or coach you need. With a solid feature list, further refined by Volvo’s latest technology, we offer a new level of efficiency and safety that will reinforce your successful operation.

Meet your


The versatile Volvo B8R is a moneymaker in all the applications you need. It is built with your business in mind, and at Volvo we know what it takes to run a profitable operation.

The B8R will help you keep your promises to your customers.

Cleaner power from your fuel

Volvo has a long-earned reputation for superior fuel efficiency, and the B8R is no exception. Our 8-litre engine is our most efficient engine ever – and its HVO and RME certified.

Driver performance

The Volvo B8R is simply great to drive. Responsive engine, excellent handling and braking properties put the driver in control. And everything in the driver’s area is set for superior ergonomics.

Environmental performance

At Volvo Buses we continuously develop technology and services to improve our vehicles’ environmental performance and help reduce the footprint of your operation.

Truly versatile

The Volvo B8R can meet virtually any need; city, school bus, intercity and line haul operations. It comes in several configurations meeting your requirements.

Keeping uptime up

Uptime is a Volvo hallmark and the Volvo B8R won’t let you down. Your trouble-free ownership is supported by our country wide service network and efficient logistics for parts supply – anywhere in India.

Business in partnership

Our promise is to be your best business partner, with services to maximize uptime, reduce lifecycle cost and

Facilitate the management of your fleet.

The safety architecture

A rigid, durable framework provides excellent stability and weight distribution. Together with the solid power resources it makes for predictable and consistent road behavior.

Drive safely

The Volvo B8R comes with plethora of active and passive safety systems ensuring a safe drive all the way.



Volvo safety

Relax in

Volvo safety

Going by bus and coach is the safest way to travel on the road. And with a Volvo you benefit from our continuous research and development focused on and committed to our safety vision: zero accidents with Volvo products. Helping the driver avoid situa- tions that might lead to the risk of an accident is a given priority.


In a Volvo B8R, safety is built in from the very start. The rigid structure, wheel suspension and brakes are designed and dimensioned to cope with any foreseeable situation. And now we’ve added unique systems for driver assistance, just because we see driver performance as a principal safety factor.

Volvo Bus safety

Services for a

better business

As your business partner we can provide more than our first-class vehicles. You also get a country wide Service Network – yet with a single point of contact, taking full responsibility for all chassis and driveline-related matters. But it doesn’t stop there. Volvo also offers a range of value-adding services from which you can choose, combining them to create an optimized solution.

Country wide Service Network

Your vehicles and your business are always in good hands thanks to country wide service centers across India with options of site support.


Competitive financing solutions, perfectly suited for your business situation.

Driver Training

Identifies need for improvements and provides practical training.

Service Contracts

Substantially reinforce uptime and availability, at a specified monthly rate.

Volvo Action Service

Country wide assistance, multilingual phone support and a range of assistance services open 24/7.

Vehicle Management

Keeps track of mileage, usage, wear and technical alerts. On-line and in real-time.

Parts Supply Contracts

Availability of Genuine Volvo Parts and optimization of your spare parts stock based on prediction and follow-up.

Fleet Management

Real-time monitoring and clear reports make it possible to track fuel cost, emissions, driving behavior and position for each vehicle in your fleet.




With the Volvo B8R, regardless of application, you get a strong, rigid framework on which it is easy to build a stable, Weight-efficient body structure. All service points are located for simple and swift maintenance, and since it’s a Volvo you’ll find the highest material quality in every detail. The Volvo B8R is designed to suit different applications as per your requirements.


The Volvo B8R BS VI is a smarter and lighter engine. Reduced emissions, yet maintained power output and torque. It’s a genuine Volvo engine which means full commonality with Volvo Trucks when it comes to the parts and service network. Together with the legendary and optimized Volvo transmission system you get increased efficiency, while reducing the fuel cost of your business.


Reduced footprint with connected service Fleet Management lets you trace variations in fuel consumption and emissions – and the effect of driving style and other parameters. Tailored reports help you trace irregularities. When you know the reasons, it’s easy to take suitable action.

Reduce emissions by saving fuel

Reduce emissions by saving fuel

The Volvo B8R will give you environmental performance with a business upside. That’s because the easiest way to reduce emissions is to cut fuel consumption. And that’s exactly what we do with our advanced BS VI technology; highly efficient after treatment and increased power and torque. Volvo’s engine technology in itself offers world-class fuel-efficiency.


However, what matters just as much is how the vehicle is driven. That’s why we continuously develop services that increase overall efficiency. With driver training and connected services for fleet management it is fully possible to reach two-digit figures for fuel savings. Bottom line profit from day one.

More efficient with driver training

More efficient with driver training

With Driver Training you improve the skills of your drivers. You will save fuel, improve uptime and reduce wear and tear. Our expert trainers teach drivers worldwide how to drive more efficiently while at the same time providing passengers with a pleasant ride.

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